About our animal cancer care



at the animal cancer and imaging center...

We are dedicated to providing the best possible cancer treatment available for your pet. We use state of the art equipment and the latest technology in order to better serve you and your pet. 

As a freestanding cancer clinic, our entire focus is on the veterinary cancer patient and their owner. Compassionate care is our mission. 

Cancer is the leading cause of natural death in our pet population. It accounts for 50% of pet deaths each year in pets over 10 years of age, and up to 25% of deaths in pets under 10 years of age.  It must be understood that cancer is not just one disease, but encompasses over 200 different diseases, each with potentially different outcomes.  Up to 50% of cancers diagnosed can be cured.  Of those that cannot be cured, we are oftentimes able to offer meaningful remissions or palliative (pain-relieving) care. 

Through the consultation process, we discuss treatment options clearly to help you in the decision making process.  Not every pet with cancer can or should be treated.  When people with cancer go through difficult treatments in an attempt to cure their cancer, they have the understanding of what’s happening to them and actively make the decision about their own treatment course.  

Pets can’t make those decisions and have no understanding of the treatment process, therefore it is our responsibility as care-givers and your responsibility as loving pet owners, to assure that pets undergoing cancer treatment will have a reasonable chance of success with minimal side effects.