if your pet is hospitalized

The Animal Cancer and Imaging Center is a bond-centered practice, therefore we recognize that when your pet is hospitalized, it can be a very stressful time for you and your pet. Our commitment to you and your pet is to provide the highest quality of care possible in an atmosphere of comfort for your pet. We also recognize that you may wish to visit your pet during their hospitalization. In order for our technicians and doctors to provide optimal care to our hospitalized patients, we have to limit visitation so that there are not breaks in treatment such as fluid therapy that could jeopardize your pet's treatment.



We offer very liberal visitation hours of 10:00am-8:00pm but ask that you call ahead to inform the technician on duty that you are coming. Visits should be limited to 20 minutes or less to avoid breaks in treatment. Other arrangements outside these limitations need to be made through the attending doctor only. Remember, your pet needs rest.


Please be sure not to give your pet anything orally without the permission of the nurse or doctor, especially patients that are being treated for nausea and/or vomiting.


You can be rest assured that if there is any adverse change in your pet's condition, you will be notified no matter what time of day or night. You can call for updates at any time. If there is no answer, the nurses may be working with a patient.  Wait 20-30 minutes and call again.  Do not leave a voice mail as this will not be checked until morning. We ask that you please call back later.