Medical Oncology Staff



Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (Oncology)

Dr. Joyce Obradovich earned her Bachelor of Science Degree from Michigan State University in 1977 in Microbiology and Public Health.  She worked as a research technician at Yale University’s School of Medicine for a short time in pulmonary cancer research.  This sparked her desire to return to pursue a medical career, however with her long time love of animals, she elected to pursue veterinary medicine.  At the onset of her veterinary training, her strong interest was in equine medicine (having owned horses since age 13), but when her own dog, Buff, a golden retriever, developed lymphoma while she was a junior veterinary student, her entire focus changed.  

This personal experience, along with her past cancer research experience, led her to actively pursue a residency training program in oncology.  After graduation from MSU’s College of Veterinary Medicine in 1985 (DVM degree) she spent 2 years in private practice, then returned to MSU for a medical/surgical internship in 1987.  From there, she was accepted into Colorado State University’s prestigious oncology residency.  While at CSU Dr. Obradovich won two national awards through the Veterinary Cancer Society and the American College of Veterinary Medicine for her research with “granulocyte colony stimulating factor” or G-CSF.  G-CSF helps prevent and alleviate serious side effects to chemotherapy in patients.

Since becoming board certified with the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (ACVIM) in the subspecialty of oncology, Dr. Obradovich has been in private oncology practice in southeastern Michigan.  In July of 2000, she opened the Animal Cancer & Imaging Center (ACIC), which was the culmination of her career long dream to run a free-standing veterinary cancer clinic.  Dr. Obradovich has served as an adjunct faculty member of the Michigan State Universities College of Veterinary Medicine, where she has lectured on veterinary oncology and sponsored a clinical rotation at ACIC for senior veterinary students for 7 years. Dr. Obradovich has numerous publications and book chapters to her credit and in August of 2016 published an oncology textbook that she was commissioned to write. 


Dr. Jennifer Dec

Oncology Intern, Practice Limited to Oncology


Dr. Jennifer Dec earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree rom the College for Creative Studies (1995) and a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry rom Oakland University (2000).  During her studies at Oakland University, Dr. Dec participated in biochemical research to determine the antimicrobial activity of gangliosides.  Her long time love of medicine and the care of animals led her to pursue an education in veterinary medicine.  Dr. Dec earned her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree in 2004 from Michigan State University.  During her time as a professional student, she worked on eliciting the genetic basis of malocclusion in miniature donkeys and dogs using comparative genetic markers from humans.

Dr. Dec worked for 12 years in Emergency and Primary Care practice.  While observing the specialty of Otolaryngology at the University of Michigan, Dr. Dec developed an interest in cancers of the head and central nervous system, and the multi-specialty team approach of management of these diseases.  During this time, her own dog, Bond, developed B-Cell Lymphoma.  These developments, along with her strong desire to drive the progress of medicine, sparked a desire to pursue further training in animal and comparative oncology.

Dr. Dec has shown Weimaraners, Border Collies, and Sphynx cats in conformation and agility both nationally and internationally.  In her spare time she enjoys distance running, swimming, biking, and physical challenges.



Samantha Hartman


Samantha, a surgical technician and patient care technician, graduated from Bel-Rea Institute of Veterinary Technology in 2011.  She was licensed in 2012.  Since graduation, she has worked in emergency medicine and continues to do relief shifts in the ER to keep her skills fresh.  Samantha is married and has a 2 year old son, Xander.  She also has 3 cats (a tuxedo named Zoe and 2 tabby's named Zapp and Morbo).  She spends her free time drawing (Samantha is an excellent artist!) and enjoys reading.

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Rosanne obtained her Associates of Applied Science in Veterinary Technology from Macomb Community College in 1999 and became licensed the same year.  She has been with the medical oncology department at ACIC since 2001.  Her great compassion, attention to detail and dedication to our patients has made her a valued member of our team.  When not at ACIC, she enjoys her family at their cottage up north.  She is married with 1 adult son, 3 tuxedo cats (Petunia, Blossom and Daisy), and "granddog" Henry.  The latest and most precious addition to her family is granddaughter Lydia!

Lydia and Henry!!

Lydia and Henry!!


Melissa Arrol


Melissa obtained her Associates in Applied Science in Veterinary Technology from Fairmont State College, West Virginia in 1996 and became licensed the same year.  She has worked in general practice, as well as specialty practices in Virginia and Michigan.  Melissa first worked with ACIC in 2008 as an afternoon patient care technician.  After a short break, she returned in 2011.  She now works in the medical oncology department.  She is married with 2 young children (Brynna, Lauryn) 1 dog (Sherlock), 1 painted turtle (Mort), and 2 cats (Kitty and Puddin). 




Megan obtained her Associates in Applied Science in Veterinary Technology from Wayne County Community College District's Veterinary Technology Program in 2012 and became licensed the same year.  She has worked in general practice, and joined our medical oncology staff in 2015.  We appreciate her enthusiasm and willingness to learn new things. She is married with a young son and daughter (Draxton and Nola), and 2 dogs (Chaz and Fiona).

Chaz (left) and Fiona!

Chaz (left) and Fiona!